Celtic Connections 2023: Treacherous Orchestra + Víík

That evening was a really mighty blast 💥! Such energy levels, it’s a wonder I managed to sleep afterwards…

Víík as the opening act were a really happy surprise. We had checked out their singles on Spotify and had thought they were kind of lame and perhaps self-consciously artsy. But on stage, the Danish-Norwegian band were like another group, explosive, intricate and exciting, seamlessly blending Scandi roots with fiery Near Eastern influences, sometimes echoing the global music of Loreena McKennitt.

The Norwegian vocalist and frontperson Elisabeth Vik was utterly hilarious with her banter, and her voice – oh dear god, the range and the way she’d use every human sound imaginable in total control. Brilliant, we and the crowd really loved them 🎶❤️👍 and I was so surprised, I forgot to take any pics of them 😄

Treacherous Orchestra did what everyone expected: the stunning all-star band of A1-class musos served a full menu of high energy music with Celtic roots, maximum danceability, brilliant playing and a great sense of humour. A show to remember in every respect, especially as the sold out crowd was absolute ecstatic all the way through.

As for the live performance as a whole, I trully admired the way the show was built as an epic combination of a carefully planned sound and light spectacle (congratulations to the audio and lights team, it must have been quite a challenge) and the precise interplay between 11 musicians maintaining the spontaneous joy of playing at the same time. A difficult equation where everything worked perfectly and not just thereabouts. 👍❤️🎶

Treacherous Orchestra photo by me

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