A better-late-than-never Album Review / Kinnaris Quintet: Free One

Kinnaris Quintet and their debut album Free One have been around for a while already but for some reason I got to listening to it only recently. Which makes this another of my better-late-than-never reviews. I’ll start with an embarrassing confession: the mere word ’quintet’ in the ensemble’s name led me to believe I was … Continue reading A better-late-than-never Album Review / Kinnaris Quintet: Free One

Album Review / Eabhal: This Is How The Ladies Dance

I noticed Eabhal back in 2016 when I happened to hear their debut EP. It was a solid showing of potential in the field of Scottish trad, far from a beginner's first unsteady efforts. It took a while for a full album to appear but here it is, and well worth checking out. A casual … Continue reading Album Review / Eabhal: This Is How The Ladies Dance

Artist Intro: Cliar

Cliar (SCO) were a top notch Highlands trad group that was active in the early 2000's and made three remarkable albums. Sometimes a folk music artist or band comes up with a whole new take on the existing paradigm and creates a whole new branch on an old tree. But sometimes an artist or a … Continue reading Artist Intro: Cliar

Artist Intro: Dalla

Dalla (COR) were a colorful and creative folk band from Cornwall. They were active from the late 1990's to 2017; during that time they revived music performed in the Cornish language and gave a significant overall boost to the region's folk music activity. The five Dalla albums, released between 2001 and 2013, showcase a band … Continue reading Artist Intro: Dalla

Artist Intro: Connla

Connla (IRE) are a fairly young and very talented Irish band who occupy a niche between excellently played Irish trad and a folk and even singer-songwriter style. They have a pretty robust sound for an Irish outfit, really going at it in the faster tunes. This gives them an identity that's nicely a bit different … Continue reading Artist Intro: Connla

Artist Intro: Catherine-Ann MacPhee

Catherin Ann-MacPhee (SCO) is an actress and singer whose four studio albums (between 1987 and 2004) and one live album make up a remarkable treasure chest of genuine Gaelic song, arranged and recorded in a way that makes the songs truly shine. Born and raised in the Isle of Barra, with Scottish Gaelic as her … Continue reading Artist Intro: Catherine-Ann MacPhee

Artist Intro: Cara

Cara (GER) are a rare beast: a German band (with some Irish force too) playing Celtic trad often so impressively, it's nearly impossible to figure out how dedicated they must be... They have been at it for a respectable while, with a sizable repertoire that includes Irish and Scottish traditional songs but also Ye Olde … Continue reading Artist Intro: Cara