Jeremy Kittel: my latest fiddle fave!

Sometimes you just remain unaware of great music and musicians for years. And when you do discover them, there’s always a great “where has this stuff been all my life!” moment.

This happened to me a few days ago when I first heard the Michigan fiddler, composer, all-around great musician Jeremy Kittel. I was totally blown away by his albums Whorl (2018) and Chasing Sparks (2010) and even more impressed when I learned that his earlier brilliant release, Roaming (2003), was recorded when he was only 18 years old and a college student. Amazing.

I have now learned that he is also a Grammy winner and has worked with the likes of Yo-Yo Ma, one of my heroes. Strange I was not aware of him until now… well, better late 😊

Jeremy’s fiddling is right up there with the best Celtic fiddlers of our day, with that little extra zing North Americans often bring to their Celtic playing. But on top of his awesome technical skills, he is also great musician, integrating various styles and elements into his overall approach. Jazz and American roots music, not surprisingly, but also classical and European folk music.

And he does it with grace, flare and taste: it all makes sense when he makes his aural stew. On Whorl, there are also pieces that reach toward a more contemporary chamber music – again, not too surprising, considering his massive talent and obvious interest in different musical styles.

Anyway, do check out Jeremy Kittel’s musical universe! It’s colorful, joyful and overflows with some of the best fiddling you will ever hear ❤️🎶🎻

Jeremy’s entire catalog is available on Bandcamp and his website.

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