Better-late-than-never Reviews 2×2: Grey & Peach, Macfarlane & Henderson

2x2 = two albums, both with two musicians and lots of the deceptively simple beauty I love in this music. I wasn’t properly awake when these were released earlier this year but, again, better late… The mesmerizing Air Iomall (On the Edge) by Charlie Grey & Joseph Peach is paired with a film of the … Continue reading Better-late-than-never Reviews 2×2: Grey & Peach, Macfarlane & Henderson

Artist Intro: Eliza Carthy

Eliza Carthy (ENG) is a many-faceted, highly acknowledged (she's an MBE) and awarded folk singer and musician who has distinguished herself by her adventurous takes on British trad material. She has performed and recorded as a solo artis and in collaboration with other artists (including her folk musician parents Martin Carthy and Norma Waterson) and … Continue reading Artist Intro: Eliza Carthy

Quick Take album reviews: An Irish double take

Quick takes on two very, very nice Irish albums, one quite recent and the other from 2018. Kyle Macaulay and Nicole Ní Dhubhshláine’s Barra Taoide is brim full of Irish trad and, I believe, some original stuff as well. His string instruments and her whistles and flutes are complemented by a very good band, with … Continue reading Quick Take album reviews: An Irish double take

A better-late-than-never review / Lúnasa: CAS

Somehow I let this slip by last year... I started this blog early this year and, admitted, was not systematically and obsessively checking out new releases before that. So it seems in those days even a release from a very major band like Lúnasa could sneak behind me without li’l ol’ me noticing anything - … Continue reading A better-late-than-never review / Lúnasa: CAS

Album Review / RANT: The Portage

"A stark, honest recording." That's how the core quality of RANT’s third outing is described on RANT's Bandcamp site. It may be a slightly surprising choice of words for music that's very controlled, touching on modern classical in some places, played by a quartet of Scotland's finest (Bethany Reid, Anna Massie, Jenna Reid and Lauren … Continue reading Album Review / RANT: The Portage

Artist Intro: Emily Smith

(photo: Emily Smith (SCO) is a popular folk singer and musician whose acclaimed career thus far forms an arc from the earlier albums featuring trad/folk songs and songs by Robert Burns, often sung in Scots, to her current, very Americana-influenced style. She has a degree from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and was BBC … Continue reading Artist Intro: Emily Smith

Quick Take album reviews: The Askew Sisters, MacDonald&Gamauf

The Askew Sisters continue their ”low-key but very intense” forays into the more shady forests of English folk. Enclosure is worthy of its name: a cosmos of it own, inhabited by songs mostly about various injustices, the minimal-yet-strangely-rich arrangements and the strong vocal performances by the sisters. As on their earlier albums, the overall mood … Continue reading Quick Take album reviews: The Askew Sisters, MacDonald&Gamauf