Quick Take album reviews: The Askew Sisters, MacDonald&Gamauf

The Askew Sisters continue their ”low-key but very intense” forays into the more shady forests of English folk. Enclosure is worthy of its name: a cosmos of it own, inhabited by songs mostly about various injustices, the minimal-yet-strangely-rich arrangements and the strong vocal performances by the sisters. As on their earlier albums, the overall mood … Continue reading Quick Take album reviews: The Askew Sisters, MacDonald&Gamauf

My interview with Dowally

One day in the springtime of the current year I was on my evening walk with Dowally's 2nd album, Somewhere, in my headphones. I had liked it and its predecessor even before, but now it sounded particularly nice in the beautiful light of May in the Nordic region. So I thought what the heck, this … Continue reading My interview with Dowally

Quick Take Album Reviews: “Allt”, Fàrsan, Còig, Mary Ann Kennedy

This is a quick look at some albums I've listened to lately and wish to note for their quality even if I have nothing too insightful or clever to say about them 🙂 - The stellar Fowlis-Conway-Dooley-McIntyre ensemble released Allt almost a year ago already but only now it's really been on power play here. … Continue reading Quick Take Album Reviews: “Allt”, Fàrsan, Còig, Mary Ann Kennedy

Album Review / Kate Rusby: Philosophers, Poets and Kings

To my ears, Kate Rusby's fabulous career took yet another upward turn with her previous ”regular” outing, Life In A Paper Boat; the winter/Christmas album Angels and Men came after that one and was excellent too but seasonal music is a genre unto itself, at least to me. And I find very little to complain … Continue reading Album Review / Kate Rusby: Philosophers, Poets and Kings

Album Review / Andrew Waite: Tyde

Let me just say that I find Simon Thoumire's excellent Hands Up For Trad website and his Foot Stompin' podcast most valuable sources for a fanboy like me to spot new and exciting music. It was on one of the more recents podcasts I came across the name of Andrew Waite. Didn't ring no bells … Continue reading Album Review / Andrew Waite: Tyde

Artist Intro: The East Pointers

The East Pointers (CAN) are a powerful and highly skilled acoustic trio with Tim Chaisson, Koady Chaisson and Jake Charron. They have quickly risen to the top of "Canadian Celtic", folk music with Scottish and Irish roots, typical of Canada's Eastern seaboard where migrants - voluntary or otherwise - from those regions landed in the … Continue reading Artist Intro: The East Pointers

Artist Intro: Duncan Chisholm

I'll be honest about it: the music of Duncan Chisholm (SCO) was one of my keys to the realm of Celtic folk and trad when I first got excited about this stuff . So I'll try to avoid the trap of hero worship in these next lines 😉 Duncan's background and education in the Scottish … Continue reading Artist Intro: Duncan Chisholm