My interview with Dowally

One day in the springtime of the current year I was on my evening walk with Dowally's 2nd album, Somewhere, in my headphones. I had liked it and its predecessor even before, but now it sounded particularly nice in the beautiful light of May in the Nordic region. So I thought what the heck, this … Continue reading My interview with Dowally

Artist Intro: Beinn Lee

Beinn Lee (SCO) have just one - that's one as in (1), folks - album out but I decided to have them listed here anyway, because the album, Osgarra, is just fab in my ears (and my wife's, so there).They are a young and very much upcoming band from Uist in the Outer Hebrides, playing … Continue reading Artist Intro: Beinn Lee

Artist Intro: Back of the Moon

Back Of The Moon (SCO) was a Scottish modern trad band active between 2000 and 2007 and recognized with several trad awards during that period. The lineup of the band was, in effect, an all-star team of young Scottish trad musicians: Findlay and Hamish Napier, Gillian Frame and Ali Hutton - the results had to … Continue reading Artist Intro: Back of the Moon

Artist Intro: Allison Kinnaird

Allison Kinnaird (SCO) is, according to Wikipedia, "M.B.E, is a glass sculptor, Celtic musician, teacher and writer" - whew! Her contribution to recorded Celtic folk music is very notable, as she made her first Celtic harp album, The Harp Key, already back in 1978. Between that album and the last one, The Silver String (2004), she made a few … Continue reading Artist Intro: Allison Kinnaird

Artist Intro: Assynt

Assynt (SCO) are a trio of relatively young but already highly acclaimed musicians. Assynt is actually something of a super group: all three players have received individual recognition in top end folk competitions and fiddler Graham MacKenzie has released a solo album. The quality of the music on their debut album is, accordingly, pretty amazing: … Continue reading Artist Intro: Assynt

Artist Intro: Archie McAllister

Archie McAllister (SCO) is one of the master fiddlers in Scotland. He has recorded several albums in collaboration with guitarist Ross Kennedy, has a released two solo albums and is currently a member of the popular Scottish folk band Skipinnish. Highly traditional yet lively and vibrant, his solo and collaboration albums come across as warm … Continue reading Artist Intro: Archie McAllister

Artist Intro: Anna Murray (Anna Mhoireach)

Anna Murray (Anna Mhoireach) (SCO) is a piper-singer-actress-composer who made three solo albums between 1994 and 1999. They are very pleasant, well executed offerings with surprisingly rich arrangements that expand the trad format into singer-songwriter and even world music territory, with varied percussions and tastefully used synths giving the material its own personality. As far … Continue reading Artist Intro: Anna Murray (Anna Mhoireach)