Celtic Connections 2023: Guitar Night

“Is there anyone here who doesn’t like guitars?” Anna Massie asked and one guy in the audience waved enthusiastically. I hope he survived the two hours of masterful fretwork that followed Anna’s question. I won’t go into any analysis here. I will just note that it was great fun seeing and hearing Anna, Tim Edey, … Continue reading Celtic Connections 2023: Guitar Night

Album Review / Innes Watson’s Guitar Colloquium

500 Days of Summer. Yep, the movie. That's what flashed in my head by the third track of Scottish folk music string instrument wiz Innes Watson's brand new album where Mr Watson really lets his guitar self go all the way. A strange association? Not so much, really. Many of the carefully constructed and, of … Continue reading Album Review / Innes Watson’s Guitar Colloquium