Album Review / Tannara: Strands

A few years ago, when my Celtic madness really got into gear, I heard Tannara’s debut album Trig. It was strong and convincing and I mentally marked them in my “very good Trad” box.

Now, their new offering makes me move Tannara to the “bands that make something new out of Trad” box. Strands runs for only 37 minutes which makes it more a mini-album by today’s standards, but the ideas, creativity and deep musicality it contains more than make up for the limited running time.

This is music to be listened to carefully. Most of the songs pick their cues from trad but build something new on that foundation every time. The album title is right on spot: old elements are made anew by tastefully weaving new and sometimes unexpected strands into the texture. Tradition and innovation come together in a way the contemporary Scottish folk scene can be so good at.

My favorites on the album are the opening track, Smiling, the medium-tempo Jc that builds up and goes through various grooves so naturally, and Dr Keoch’s where Tannara approaches ”prog folk” with some quite tricky, confidently played rhythmic structures.

In short, Strands is an ambitious and very successful outing, to be savored many times over.

Support a great band and get Strands at Tannara’s Bandcamp site either as very affordable HQ download or CD.
Those certain streamin’ things also let you listen to this album.

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