Xmas Album Review / Kate Rusby: Holly Head

Kate Rusby must be THE Christmas fan in the entire British-Scottish-Irish folk scene. This is her third seasonal album, and she’s been busy with them, too: The Frost Is All Over came in 2015, Angels And Men in 2017 and now this. Looking forward to 2021 already 😉

Or perhaps she’s been doing a Christmas trilogy? Holly Head is such a seamless continuation to its predecessors, it feels as if they’d been recorded in a single, very long session. It’s easy to have all three albums back to back in a playlist: just click play and hey: hours of acoustic British Christmas vibes!

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because if someone is so much into Christmas as Kate Rusby is, the resulting music cannot be but good.

The trademarks are all here: the nice use of the brass band, one goofy tune (Hippo For Christmas – say no more…), the gentle swing she brings into tunes like Salute The Morn, Misteltoe Bough or Yorkshire Three Ships and the fragile-but-strong quiet intimacy of The Holly King and I Am Christmas (my favorite track here). The production is very good as her band sounds so rich and vibrant, a veritable aural Christmas pudding.

So, nothing to surprise you if you’re familiar with Kate’s previous Xmas outings, but everything to enjoy. Another great Xmas present from the Yorkshire Christmas Angel 🙂


Holly Head is available in CD and streaming here:


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