Album Review / Gnoss: The Light Of The Moon

Album | Gnoss – The Light of The Moon – For Folk's Sake

It’s almost two years since I wrote some very positive things about Drawn From Deep Water, the album that skyrocketed Gnoss to the attention of fans of Celtic music all over the world. It was an intense and sometimes very busy collection of music, as supercharged and full of “yes we can” as music from young and very, very talented bands sometimes can be.

Two years and one global pandemic later, they sound just a little older, way more relaxed but not one bit less confident. I, for one, applaud the evolution. If the previous album had moments where they sounded as if they needed to prove themselves and their abilities, The Light Of The Moon is a work by a band totally at ease with itself.

The tunes are very Gnoss – the band have this nice, identifiable signature sound which has not changed, nor is there any need to change it, it’s just lovely. What has changed is how the music now breathes and flows more freely than before. It’s never too laid back, there’s just more swing and variations to the grooves and the arrangements are really well done and detailed, with nice changes of pace, intensity, color and dynamics within the tunes.

At 37 minutes, this is a compact package and picking out special favorites is pretty useless, really. But if pressed, I’d point to Alister and Katrina’s (a beautiful melody and an arrangement with a few nice turns) and Sun That Hugs The Ocean, a super catchy and gentle song that immediately had me humming and soon singing along 🙂


Do get your copy, either physical or digital, at the Gnoss Bandcamp site – you’ll have a grrreat album and you have supported the band directly!

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