Album Review / Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh: Neadú (Nesting)

Ah, Muireann… One of the most beautiful voices and presences in the Celtic scene has returned with this five-track EP. At 21 minutes, it’s just long enough to immerse yourself in her aural atmosphere.

She openly states this is a lockdown creation and the album title reflects that as well. It’s a very intimate affair, with Garry O’Beirne and Dónal O’Connor backing her up on guitar and keys, respectively.

Of the five tracks, none is original, one is in English and the others in Irish and only Tá’n Coileach Ag Fógairt An Lae has a nice softly bouncing groove; the others are quiet ballads, very soothing and warm. On Bandcamp, Muireann writes about ”finding comfort in songs well-worn and much-loved from my past”, and this sentiment comes through strongly in these recordings. The music may be simple but the feeling is rich and her singing is just perfect for this material.

No need to say more; if you already enjoy Muireann’s music, this is a must, and if you’re a newbie, it’s a nice little introuction to her music and voice.

Get Neadú on Bandcamp and directly support the artist herself:

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