Album Review / Cara: Grounded

It’s absolutely fab to see Cara are active and keep producing lovely albums! I haven’t seen them live but hope to, one fine day, when we can all breathe more freely than now.

Grounded is yet another covid album, as the band informs us on their website. Maybe that’s why it’s, if not subdued, then at least not-so-rip-it-up. And it’s not a problem since these folks have traveled a respectable journey together and transmit their energy even when the knob is not turned to eleven.

Otherwise Grounded continues their trademark style of beautifully played and arranged pieces, both original and trad, with those ethereal female vocals. Cara have always been in the more gentle, even romantic, end of the Celtic spectrum and this album comes precisely at the right moment, at the end of another demanding year, soothing and reaffirming.

My favorite tunes are the simply beautiful Lassie, Lie Near Me and the joyful Milky Way Set, one of the few really foot-stomping moments on the album. All in all, it’s guaranteed Cara all the way and will delight you, doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or a newcomer.

Grounded is available on Cara’s web site:

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