Niamh Dunne: Tides

The name Niamh Dunne did not ring any bells with me before I discovered her new album Tides – but I will definitely remember her name from now on. And, as it turned out, I had heard her playing before, as I learned that she is a long-standing member of the Irish band Beoga, which is a very cool band as you probably know, or should know.

Tides is not her debut album; she’s done some solo stuff before but I think this is where she really comes into her own. The songs range from Irish traditional to singer- songwriter stuff but also something more elaborate and dramatic, especially The Raven, a wonderfully cinematic piece.

One of the strongest assets on the album is her voice. She has an instantly recognizable timber, warm and expressive, that really stays with you afterwards.

There is not a song on the album that I don’t like, it’s all so enjoyable to listen to, thanks also to a quality production and solid musicianship. But if I had to name a few that strongly connected with me, I would pick The Raven, the title track Tides, where she does a lovely duet with Karan Casey, and the instrumental Solstice.

So, a very colorful and inviting experience from someone in full control of her art. This one is easy to recommend to anyone who enjoys contemporary folk music, Irish folk music and something more modern with an indie flavor.

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