Ryan Molloy & Fergal Scahill: One Day – November Woods

Oh but this is a fun one! Pianist Ryan Molloy and fiddler Feargal Scahill recorded – and partly wrote! – this album during one November day in 2019!

Ryan writes on Bandcamp:
”We sat in Fergal & Ruth’s living room and recorded the music on this album, pushing the boundaries of our friendly frolics amidst hailstones, rainbows, many cups of coffee, and some hastily written tunes. It may be a cliché but we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.”

And I do enjoy it! It’s always super nice to hear fine musicians enjoying themselves and playing as much to their own pleasure as to the audience. Many fun jumpin’ tunes here but also lyrical, beautiful pieces like July 28th that’s playing in my headphones as I write this.

I really don’t have more to day about this; it’s a fresh album filled with good Irish music on piano and fiddle. And that’s perfectly enough 🙂

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