Gjermund Larsen and the beauty of the Nordic fiddle

If you don’t know Gjermund Larsen, you perhaps should. A master fiddler from Norway, with a sound and style that’s easy to love.

Since I was at his excellent gig this summer, I have returned to his albums and recalled why I instantly liked his music the first time I heard it.

Gjermund has a lovely, singing or lilting sound to his playing while still retaining that Nordic edge to it. His compositions are utterly charming, to be cherished in peace and quiet and perhaps some nice drink. It’s the kind of music I would use if I was a music editor for some compassionate Norwegian movie about brave ordinary people facing life’s challenges in some remote village. You know the kind of film I mean.

The only downside to his albums is that they are almost totally devoid of blastin’ an’ jumpin’ tunes; it’s all warm, humane and beautiful music – if you listen to Gjermund when you’re already sleepy, you risk losing most of the album (thankfully you can continue the next day). But that’s ok; many brilliant Pat Metheny Group albums of the 1980’s carry the same risk 😉

So this is just my tip and recommendation: for music that’s ethereal and grounded at the same time, beautiful but not sweet, go to Gjermund. Very nice stuff, guaranteed. And awesome fiddling, to the max.

Essential albums:
Ankomst (2008)
Aurum (2010)
Reise (2013)
Salmenklang (2016)

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