Album Review / Skipinnish: Steer By The Stars

Ah, Skipinnish… I don’t even try to write a deep review because Steer By The Stars is just full of the solid, uplifting, tap-your-foot-and-smile music the band is so well known for. It picks me up when I’m down and gives me that extra charge when I’m already up – my happy soul music


Two points though:

⁃ I love the way Skipinnish express Scottish and Gaelic pride in a way that doesn’t put anyone down; as a Finn, I feel I’m welcome to celebrate Scotland along with real Scots with this music!

⁃ The band playing is just excellent; it really isn’t so easy to have pretty simple tunes to roll along with so much colour and nuance.

And to those who have never heard Skipinnish before: go listen, because they will brighten your days and make you glad to be alive 😊

My special wish: to see them live some day. Here’s hoping…

Steer By The Stars is available in their web store and everywhere

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