Album Review / Trail West: Countless Isles and Endless Miles

As I’m writing this, it’s 90 minutes to the opening of Celtic Connections 2021. The festival is 100 % online only and I’m in our living room in southern Finland instead of Glasgow.

2020 really fucked up and changed so many things without warning. One of the bands affected by the dramatic turn of events was Trail West; they had prepared for a grand 10th anniversary celebration year, and then…

That’s a real downer, because Trail West have really evolved in the past few years, from a servicable Scottish folkrock band to a really great trad/ceilidh/rock hybrid easily in the same league with Mànran and Skerryvore. The would have been much to celebrate.

But hey, what the hell: there may have been no tour but instead we have the best Trail West album so far for the whole world to hear! Their previous outing, From The Sea To The City, was very fab and, in my ears, a real leap forward, and now Countless Isles and Endless Miles ups the game by at least a few points.

It’s a great collection full blooded folk-rock, electrified trad and epic ballads. In every tune the band’s assured take on the music and the sheer joy of playing come through – brilliant party music, even if the only one partying is you at home in your underwear, perhaps having a drink or two (better still if there’s company, of course).

And there’s really no point in analyzing this any further. This is Scottish music that makes our house smile and dance, and Trail West really bring the goods home. Mòran taing, guys 🙂

Get your copy from the band web store:

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