Album Review / Rowan Leslie: Escaping the Dawn

One thing that keeps astonishing me about the Celtic music scene is the way it produces brilliant young musicians who refresh and vitalize the culture. Some do it by expanding and experimenting and stretching the limits of the music, while others own the old traditions and recharge them as if they invented them.

Young Irish fiddler Rowan Leslie, now a resident of Glasgow, sits firmly in the latter category. All the tunes on Escaping the Dawn, his second solo album, are his own but most of them come from a very trad core.

It’s new leaves on an old and venerable tree as Master Leslie exhibits enviable skill and style throughout. He’s backed up by quite a stunning trio, with Graeme Armstrong of Talisk on guitar, Andrew Waite of Dallahan on accordion and David Foley of Rura on the bodhran.

And actually, those names pretty much say it all: you can probably guess what the music on the album is like, and also that it’s most definitely top notch because guys like that would not appear an any half-baked attempt for an album. No way. So there.

Solid and hugely enjoyable ”modern trad” and warmly recommended.

Escaping the Dawn can be purchased in your preferred format on Rowan’s Bandcamp site:

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